Utah’s Hypercraft is electrifying some of the coolest vehicles on and off the road


PROVO — Hitting the mark of “outrageously awesome” has been one of the guiding principles for veteran hot rod builder/car customizer and TV host Dave Kindig.

And anyone who gets the chance to check out his bright red eCF-1 roadster, a ground-up custom job that pays design homage to the legendary ’53 Chevrolet Corvette, probably isn’t going to disagree that he nailed his target once again. But those same enthusiasts may be a little surprised when they lift the hood to check out what’s powering this sleek, low slung speedster, only to discover a tidy storage space where they were likely expecting to see a monster, chrome-encrusted V-8.

That’s because Kindig turned to an emerging Utah startup when it came time to choose a power plant for his riff on the vintage Vette and instead of a deep-throated, double-exhausted Detroit-born combustion engine, the custom hot rod is powered by a turn-key electric powertrain package from Provo’s Hypercraft.

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