A single-cockpit EV powerhouse.

SIERRA Car is a trailblazing force in ultra-performance vehicles that recently launched their all-electric ECHO line of performance vehicles. Unlike previous SIERRA Car models, which ran internal combustion engines, the SIERRA ECHO line powered by Hypercraft is all electric and primed for consumer availability in three distinct configurations: ECHO (base model), ECHO R-Spec, and ECHO Block Edition. The ECHO line represents SIERRA Cars’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle technology, while maintaining the proven chassis and exclusive appeal that have defined the brand since its founding in 2018.

Powered by the Hypercraft R300Si powertrain

Introducing the R300S: Precision-engineered single motor powertrain for peak racing performance

The purpose-built R300S single motor powertrain offers unmatched flexibility for optimal gear reduction and seamless chassis integration. Pre-configured VCU firmware maximizes its potent power. Dominate the track with the R300S – where power meets precision.

306 hp

(459 eHP)
(225 kW)


107 hp


500 Nm


12000 rpm



  • Integrated motor/inverter for easy integration
  • VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) with pre-calibrated firmware
  • Base torque maps and throttle maps for quick start
  • Race engineered thermal management system for optimal motor performance
  • Hose and fitting kit included
  • Engineered high voltage powertrain harness included
  • Compatible with 400V battery pack systems
  • Internal spline (external shaft option available)
  • CAD available 


• VCU with 3 CAN Buses, 1 LIN Bus, 33 Inputs, 24 Outputs
• 400V System
• System Weight: 215.2 lbs (97.6 kg)
• Cooling System: WEG

*Total system weight is dependent on ESS selection and options