SEMA Launchpad: Hypercraft Lifts Off As Top 15 Semi-Finalist

SEMA Launch Pad

Hypercraft is named a top 15 semi-finalist in this years SEMA Launchpad — a competition with a $92,000 prize package.

Hypercraft CEO and founder Jake Hawksworth presented our modular HyperPack™ EV battery system at SEMA Garage during the SEMA Launchpad competition recently. The judges — including big automotive names like Chip Foose — liked what they saw and named Hypercraft and the HyperPack EV battery a Top 15 semi-finalist. We were already excited to be at SEMA this year, but thanks to this win we’ve also been invited to display at the SEMA Launchpad Pavilion. Later this year the judges will be further announcing the top 5 finalists, with the winning taking home a cool $92,000 prize package. Yes please!

So stay tuned because we have high hopes for the HyperPack and how it will help transform the EV conversion landscape. ‍

Click here for the full SEMA Launch Pad press release.