The world’s-first EV touring race car.

Scalar Performance is a Canadian-based company specializing in the build and integration of modern, high-performance powertrains in unique and interesting vehicles. Their Hypercraft-powered SCR1 is the first all-electric touring race car sanctioned for competition use against combustion cars by the National Auto Sport Association (NASA). The SCR1 features a unique electric racing powertrain most similar to our R500S system and was designed and built to fill a gap the Scalar team identified in the electric vehicle industry, specifically in the field of low-maintenance touring race cars.

Powered by the Hypercraft R500Si powertrain

Introducing the R500Si: offering best-in-class power density, and an integrated drive system with a 6.54:1 gear reduction making it ideal for high-speed track and race scenarios.

This 3-in-1 system delivers exceptional wheel torque through its one-way, limited-slip differential. With the motor spinning at an impressive 12,000 RPM, it results in an impressive drive axle rotation of 1,835 RPM when configured for rear-wheel drive.

570 hp

(855 eHP)
(425 kW)


187 hp

(280 eHP)
(140 kW)


620 Nm


275 Nm


12000 rpm



  •   Integrated motor/inverter for easy integration
  •   Wavetrac® limited slip differential
  •   Integrated parking lock 6.54:1 gearbox ratio
  •   VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) with pre-calibrated firmware
  •   Assembly has multiple mounting bosses to enable flexibility in chassis mount locations
  •   Base torque maps and throttle maps for quick start
  •   Race engineered thermal management system for optimal motor performance
  •   Hose and fitting kit included
  •   Engineered high voltage powertrain harness included
  •   CAD available


• VCU with 3 CAN Buses, 1 LIN Bus, 33 Inputs, 24 Outputs
• 800V System
• System Weight: 234.7 lbs (106.5 kg)
• Cooling System: WEG

*Total system weight is dependent on ESS selection and options