Powering the Future of Boating with HALEVAI

We’re incredibly excited to be collaborating with HALEVAI on their innovative and eco-friendly Model2050 electric trimaran. This partnership and project perfectly align with our mission to revolutionize electric propulsion by making it accessible to innovative builders and manufacturers. 

A Visionary Partnership
When HALEVAI CEO Frank Heidinger shared their vision for a unique kind of electric boat with us, we knew we had an ideal solution to help them bring it to life. HALEVAI’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and performance was a challenge we were excited to tackle. 

Efficient and High-Performance Design
The Model2050 features a trimaran semi-planing hull, chosen for its optimal performance and efficiency. This sleek design reduces the power needed to propel it, extending the boat’s range and making electric propulsion more practical for everyday boaters.

Hypercraft’s Contribution
Our role was to provide a complete electric drivetrain solution for them to go to market with. The system delivers smooth and reliable power and torque, with a motor capable of 135 kW (185 hp) continuous and peak power of 225 kW (300 hp). This ensures the Model2050 can handle all sorts of water activities, with a range of 35-40 nautical miles.

Embracing the Future
The HALEVAI Model2050 represents the future of boating: clean, efficient, and enjoyable. By combining Hypercraft advanced electric propulsion with HALEVAI’s thoughtful design, we’re creating a new boating experience that’s good fun, and good for the environment. 

We look forward to seeing more and more Hypercraft-powered HALEVAI Model2050 boats on the water. With visionary manufacturers like HALEVAI and our innovative EV powertrains, anything is possible. 

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