Triple Gauge


Take charge of your electric vehicle’s performance and range using the Hypercraft Triple Gauge Dashboard, offering vital real-time information for a smoother, safer, and well-informed driving.


  • Includes four key measurements for electric vehicles: Speedometer, Battery State of Charge (integrated into speedo), Battery Temperature, and Power read out
  • Modern black style, and universal fit
  • Included in kit is a dash trim template for simple and seamless installations
  • Turns signals and high beam integrated in center gauge (Speedometer/Battery State of Charge)
  • Easy to read, durable, and weather resistant


  • Speedometer Range: 0–160
  • Speedo/Center Gauge Hole Size: 4.250 in (10.8 cm)
  • L/R Gauge Hole Size: 2.062 in (5.2 cm)
  • Operating Voltage Range: 0–5V
  • Signal Type: CAN-Bus (500 baud rate)