Top Mount

Throttle Pedal

Offering performance for a wide range of electric vehicles, this throttle seamlessly transmits the driver’s accelerator position sensor input to the VCU (Vehicle Control Unit). The inclusion of a bolt-on mounting bracket and a detachable pedal allows the installer an extensive range of design possibilities, enabling effortless adaptation to various mounting requirements. This throttle is a tried-and-true solution that enhances the driving experience while accommodating the unique needs of installers in the EV industry.


  • Bolt-on mounting bracket perfect for mounting to the upper firewall in the footwell of your vehicle
  • Detachable pedal: Allowing for interchanging the pedal to a different pedal style to match the cosmetic vision for your car
  • Plug & play installation: No special tools or programming required to install this sensor
  • Made from high-quality materials for long life


  • Weight: 1.8 lbs (0.8 kg)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 5.75 x 5 x 12.75 in (14.6 x 12.7 x 32.4 cm)
  • Operating Voltage Range: 0–5V