ESS Water-Air

Thermal Management Unit

Model No. 70-00011

Our lightweight water-to-air, ESS thermal package is crucial for when weight, space limitations, simplicity, cold climate conditions and/or cost efficiencies are being considered. This system boasts reduced power consumption, extending vehicle range. Engineered for base protection and prolonged battery life, this thermal package is essential to maintain system performance and prevent overheating.


  • Bosch brushless DC WEG pump, 12Vdc, 6.7A, 33 LPM (8.7 GPM), 3/4 barb
  • Derale fluid cooler
  • Aluminum coolant reservoir
  • 10” waterproof & dustproof fan and shroud
  • Engineered to be lighter without compromising on performance, ideal for weight-sensitive applications
  • VCU controlled pump and fan control for enhanced cooling control


  • Weight: Kit 12 lbs
  • Dimensions (L xWxH): 14”x13”x55⁄8” (Radiator)
  • Voltage Range: 9V to 16V
  • Fan: 150 Watt, 9.2Amp
  • IPX7 (WEG Pump)