Nitrocross to debut new Sierra Echo R-Spec car Powered by Hypercraft in Las Vegas season finale

Created by Travis Pastrana, Nitrocross debuted in 2021 with a five-round schedule that saw Pastrana emerge as champion of the premiere Supercar class. He won two events and finished sixth or better each round.

“Sierra Car is the perfect storm of electrified performance in a race-proven chassis,” said Kirk Miller, VP of sales and marketing at Hypercraft. “It’s the ultimate hyper-performing, rally-inspired race vehicle that excels in multi-terrain racing environments.

Earlier this year, Lucy Block executed an exhibition run up Pike Peak in a specially designed EV buggy from Sierra and Hypercraft with a time of 11 minutes, 25.315 seconds.

According to Miller, lessons learned from that run as well as other tests helped with the development of both the race ready car and showroom editions: tweaks to the suspension and shocks, upgrades to the cooling system and the addition of an On Board Charger. Perhaps most significantly, Hypercraft also improved the battery cell used in the Hyperpack batteries to give a high-power density while still maintaining the same kWH capacity.

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