Navigating the Winter Chill: Electrify America’s Five Essential Tips for Cold Weather EV Charging

As winter blankets the landscape, and after a stellar year of record-breaking EV sales, a growing number of electric vehicle (EV) owners embark on a unique challenge — getting ready to tackle the ins and outs of charging in cold weather. Electrify America, the go-to charging network, has five crucial tips to ensure this winter charging journey is a breeze.

“With more consumers switching to EVs, it’s important to understand the nuances of EV ownership in cold weather. Charging in cold weather may take longer because the lower temperatures affect the vehicle’s battery charging capacity. It just takes some adjustment to your normal charging routine and a little planning.”

  1. Anticipate longer charging sessions
    The vehicle controls the charging speeds, not the charger. When temperatures are low, the EV’s software reduces its charging power.
  2. Temperature changes may impact EV range
    Check for overnight drops in temperature, as low temperatures can reduce an EV’s driving range. Some EVs can predict range reductions during extreme temperatures and will adjust the console display.
  3. Plan your charging session
    Locate public charging stations ahead of time to avoid finding yourself with shortened range in relation to the nearest charging station.
  4. Park indoors when you can
    Consider parking indoors in extreme cold weather. Warmer indoor temperatures can help prevent slower charging speeds and preserve the charge for longer.
  5. Utilize your EV’s cold weather features
    Some EVs have a pre-conditioning feature that allows drivers to program or manually warm the battery to more optimal temperatures.

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