Milan’s Electric Horizon: Set to Deploy 153 Electric Buses for Sustainable Mobility

IVECO BUS is set to deliver 153 electric buses to Milan, Italy’s public transport company (ATM), marking a crucial move towards sustainable urban mobility. Valued at over 120 million euros, this contract is integral to ATM’s plan to transition its entire urban fleet to 1,200 electric buses by 2026.

The deal includes 153 40-foot electric buses, along with full-service maintenance for ten years. Initial deliveries are slated for the first quarter of 2025, with the entire fleet expected by June 2026. IVECO BUS’s significant role in Milan’s mobility is evident, with its vehicles already constituting 45% of ATM’s entire fleet. 

Domenico Nucera, President of the Bus Business Unit at Iveco Group, emphasized the company’s pride in contributing to Milan’s sustainable mobility goals, offering tailored solutions with a competitive total cost of ownership. This collaboration underscores IVECO BUS’s commitment to providing innovative solutions for modern urban transportation challenges.

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