EV-spec off-roader for the world’s toughest race. 

Every February, King of the Hammers descends on Johnson Valley, California. What began as 12 teams vying for bragging rights and a case of beer has transformed into over 530 competing teams, 80,000+ in-person spectators, and two million viewers tuning in online. As the pinnacle event of the Ultra4 off-road racing calendar, its organizers are dedicated to continually redefining the limits of racing. That’s why they teamed up with Hypercraft to create the first ever EV-spec off-road race series. With component partners Dana/Spicer Electrified and AEM EV, Hypercraft designed and engineered a complete spec electric powertrain that was then handed off to 11 lucky teams to integrate into the off-road vehicle of their choice.


Powered by the Hypercraft R335St powertrain

Meet the C335St: A single motor, high torque powertrain engineered with precision for commercial and fleet reliability.

The purpose-built C335St single motor powertrain offers unmatched flexibility for optimal gear reduction and seamless chassis integration. Pre-configured VCU firmware maximizes its potent power and prodigious torque. Operate efficiently with the C335St – where performance and precision meet.

335 hp

(502 eHP)
(250 kW)


187 hp

(280 eHP)
(140 kW)


950 Nm


480 Nm


8600 rpm



  •   Paired motor / inverter for easy integration
  •   Proven permanent magnet technology for optimal efficiency
  •   IP 6K9K motor
  •   VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) with pre-calibrated firmware
  •   Base torque maps and throttle maps for quick start
  •   Engineered high-voltage powertrain harness included
  •   Hose and fitting kit included
  •   CAD available


• VCU with 3 CAN Buses, 1 LIN Bus, 33 Inputs, 24 Outputs
• 800V System
• System Weight: 192.8 lbs (87.4 kg)
• Cooling System: WEG

*Total system weight is dependent on ESS selection and options