Indy: 500 reasons we’re excited for PRI Show.

PRI Exhibitor

PRI is the racing industry’s number one source for new technology, ideas, and business opportunities. If you’re in the business of motorsports, you can’t afford to miss it! But if you’re not in the biz, we’ll do our best to keep you in the loop during and after the show. ‍

The journey to mass electrification of every project and vehicle you guys dream up is a long one, but we’re well on our way. Next stop is the Performance Racing Industry Show in Indianapolis, Indiana.

We’ll have our Hypercraft Geiser Brothers G6 desert race truck on display for you to Google, and we’ll be on hand to tell you all about the tri-EV motor setup that will drive it. Do you think 1,600hp is enough? We think it’s a great start, so be sure to ask us about the hybrid electric drive system that will juice this truck over 200+ mile stretches of desert racing. And when we say hybrid, we don’t mean there’s a buzzy four-banger hidden under the hood too — hybrid in Hypercraft terms means an ingenious mix of battery chemistries that make those insanely long stints of racing possible.

But enough of the pre-show PRI chatter. Give us a follow on Instagram and Facebook for the most up-to-date posts, pics, and videos from the show. See you there!

Photo courtesy of Performance Racing Industry.