Hypercraft Welcomes Friends and Partners for Special Showcase


The first annual Hypercraft Friends and Partners Showcase on October 6, 2023, was nothing short of extraordinary. It was an event that perfectly blended cutting-edge innovation with smoking tire drifts in the parking lot to wrap up the day.

Hypercraft HQ opened its doors, allowing invited guests a rare sneak peek behind the scenes — a look at the inner workings of where we build complete electric powertrains. Some of our customers electric vehicles took center stage and were on full display.

CEO Jake Hawksworth, President Brian Bowers, and other department heads took attendees on an enlightening journey through the key facets of Hypercraft’s vision. They began by introducing the company’s groundbreaking achievements in advanced propulsion, delved into what makes Hypercraft’s product unique, and shed light on the innovative contributions being made by Hypercraft to the electric vehicle industry. They then guided guests through our remarkable progress to date, offering tangible insights into growth and achievements. And finally, they painted a vivid picture of the future of Hypercraft, leaving viewers excited and inspired by the boundless possibilities. Attendees were captivated as they learned about Hypercraft’s mission to reshape the way we move, providing complete electric powertrains for every industry with cutting-edge electric vehicle technology. 

After the presentation, attendees had questions, and Hypercraft’s team of experts was ready with the answers. It was an opportunity for direct engagement with our partners and potential customers, where ideas were exchanged and insights were gained. 

The action then shifted to Hypercraft’s main parking lot. This was where attendees had the opportunity to dive deeper into the Hypercraft experience by having  the chance to take electric vehicles powered by Hypercraft for a spin. It was an adrenaline-pumping experience that left a lasting impression on all who got behind the wheel or in the passenger seat.

The Hypercraft Friends and Partners Showcase wasn’t just an event, it was a journey into the future of EV. Our sincerest thanks to all who were able to attend.