Hypercraft CEO, Jake Hawksworth, Inspires UVU Entrepreneurs

UVU recently welcomed Jake Hawksworth, Founder and CEO of Hypercraft, to the Reed and Christine Halladay Entrepreneurship Lecture Series. With a rich background in small businesses, he shared his 17-year journey from Skinz Protective Gear to J Mark Brands and finally to Hypercraft, where he is working to disrupt the EV propulsion industry.

Stressing the importance of “killing the ego,” Hawksworth urged attendees to stay optimistic about the journey. As part of his own efforts to maintain continued optimism at Hypercraft, he lives by the motto, “Failure is part of the process.” Additionally, he shared his belief that navigating failure swiftly and not letting it impact one’s identity is crucial for success:

“Opportunities arise when you maintain optimism.”

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Hypercraft is a pioneering electric vehicle powertrain manufacturing and engineering company at the forefront of revolutionizing the global electric vehicle industry. We have proven our technology through multiple real world customers and have supplied our powertrains to completed builds in the marine, defense, automotive, commercial and racing verticals. Ready to build something? Get started here