An eco-conscious watercraft for families and fleets.

Founded in 2020, Halevai is a new concept boat manufacturer focused on design, reliability and conservation. Their debut craft, the model2050, was inspired by the goals of the historic COP21 UN climate conference and is the first high-performance boat in its category to be fully electric powered. The HALEVAI model2050 is powered by a marine-grade Hypercraft electric drive system. Its energy storage system features high quality, heavy duty HyperPack batteries assembled at our U.S. facility in Utah. For their all-electric model2050, HALEVAI offers three range options: Eco (60 kWh), Standard (90 kWh), and Extended Range (120 kWh).


Powered by the Hypercraft M150S powertrain

Introducing the M15OS: Specifically engineered as a powertrain for personal watercraft.

The purpose-designed M150S single motor powertrain provides the necessary lightweight features for efficiency and low mass in compact vessels, while meeting the high power requirements essential for all electric watercraft.

150 hp

(225 eHP)
(110 kW)


500 Nm


230 Nm


12000 rpm



  •   Integrated motor/inverter for easy integration
  •   VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) with pre-calibrated firmware
  •   Base torque maps and throttle maps for quick start
  •   Hose and fitting kit included
  •   Engineered high voltage powertrain harness included
  •   Compatible with 400V battery pack systems
  •   CAD available


• VCU with 3 CAN Buses, 1 LIN Bus, 33 Inputs, 24 Outputs
• 400V System
• System Weight: 155.2 lbs (70.4 kg)
• Cooling System: WEG

*Total system weight is dependent on ESS selection and options