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Pikes Peak

Legendary Rally Driver Ken Block’s Family Races On

Lucy paid tribute to her husband in a different way. She piloted a Sierra Echo EV, powered by a Hypercraft all-electric drivetrain, up the mountain, decked out in a striking livery reminiscent of Ken’s famous 2020 Ford Escort Cosworth V2.

The small, buggy-like car packed some serious speed. Electric vehicles have consistently proven to be the fastest type of car at Pikes Peak, where the high altitudes don’t seem to impact them as they do a typical combustion engine. Adding to the significance, Ken had long been an advocate of electric vehicles, even releasing an “Electrikhana” video late last year.

“As sports fans, we’re always looking to be inspired by new capabilities, new technologies, and new personalities,” says Jake Hawksworth, the CEO of Hypercraft, who collaborated closely with Lucy on the setup of the car, creating a vehicle he believes is capable of setting an all-time record up the mountain. “Both Lucy and Ken have been supportive of EV technology and what it means for motorsports and performance. So it really set the stage for her to take an exciting run at history in that all-electric Sierra.”

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Lucy Block