Funding the Future — Hypercraft Raises $6.5 Million

EV Drive

Hey there Hypercraft crew! It’s been a minute since we last said hello and we’re sorry about that. You’ve all been keeping us quite busy over here at Hypercraft HQ and we just haven’t had a chance to fill you in. But since we’ve got big news to share, we skipped all our bathroom breaks, and cut every meeting down by :30 seconds to create time to write this up. 

If you haven’t already heard, Hypercraft recently raised an exciting $6.5 million in seed funding. If you’re not familiar with funding, “seed” is an early stage investment round to bring money into the company to help us continue growing. Despite the name, there are no seeds involved, and therefore we have a lot of topsoil to return to Home Depot. 

Anyway, that initial seed round exceeded our goals and set us up for continued success as we finish up existing projects, start additional ones, kick things off with new customers, and develop all new products in the EV space. 

The round was lead by RevRoad Capital, and we’ve included the full press release below, but here’s a great quote that echoes the excitement that Hypercraft and our partners are feeling right now:

“Hypercraft is a high-growth company that we’ve had our eye on for over a year now,” said David Mann, managing director at RevRoad Capital. “Their leadership team combines innovative manufacturing experience and real-world business ingenuity to provide vehicle manufacturing a path to electrification. We’re thrilled to partner with Hypercraft, as it disrupts the rapidly growing EV sector in a variety of industries.”

So that’s that. There’s lots more updates to share. Races, events, expos, hires…now that we start listing it all out, we probably shouldn’t have agreed to skip bathroom breaks to get this done. 

Thanks for following along!