Ford Pro and Xcel Energy Team Up for 30,000 EV Charging Ports in U.S. by 2030

EV Charging Station

Ford Pro, the business arm of Ford Motor Company, is teaming up with Xcel Energy, a major utility company, to launch a program called 30×30. The initiative aims to deploy 30,000 electric vehicle (EV) charging ports across the U.S. by 2030. 

The collaboration will target Xcel’s 450,000 business customers with fleet operations, facilitating their transition to electric vehicles. Xcel Energy will cover most upfront costs for installing the charging ports, while Ford will manage software and customer support post-installation. The program will start in Colorado and Wisconsin, with plans to expand to other states once regulatory approvals are obtained. The initiative seeks to address barriers to EV adoption for businesses, particularly installation costs, and is part of Xcel’s broader clean energy transition plan. The goal is to support businesses considering electric vehicles by offering a surcharge on future energy bills to cover installation costs. The program also aims to stimulate EV adoption in states where Xcel operates, focusing on regions with a lag in EV adoption compared to coastal states. The hope is that this partnership model will encourage similar collaborations with other energy providers. 

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