Electrifying the marine industry.

Electrifying the Marine Industry

We kick off our efforts to electrify the marine industry with an inaugural visit to the big daddy of boat gatherings — the Miami International Boat Show. Our complete electric propulsion systems for both builders and individual buyers are set to change the game.

We just got back from an incredible week in beautiful Miami where we exhibited our complete electric propulsion systems for the entire marine industry. We setup shop near other EV companies bringing electrification to the water, as well as current gas and oil stalwarts striving to squeeze every last drop of performance out of internal combustion — and we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. We come from gas but look to the future of electrification, and feel at home around all these great companies and people.

Other amazing brands are already working hard to deliver electric propulsion to the water. We’re excited to add our complete systems to the mix to help boat builders and individuals wanting to achieve the same levels of innovation. We had a booth in both the Charged Electric Pavilion, and in the accessory manufacturer area of the Progressive Boat Show Experience in Pride Park.

Over the five days of the show, we talked one-on-one with hundreds of excited individuals looking to re-power their dirty, loud, and incredibly thirsty internal combustion-powered boats. They were excited about the powerful and incredibly efficient electric alternatives we have available and that we’re already providing to the powersports and racing industries. We also met with many incredibly talented and creative boat builders specializing in everything from small launches all the way up to amphibious cars and multi-million dollar yacht tenders.

After just he first day, it was abundantly clear that marine is ready for the electric revolution. Despite so many use cases, boat sizes, power needs, and range requirements, electric propulsion has the power and potential to check all the required boxes — all while having incredible longevity, and a level of efficiency that internal combustion can’t touch. From sailboats to sea-worthy speed boats, we had eager customers interested in ever level of our Genesis Series of propulsion systems.

We saw monstrous outboard V12s, beastly supercharged ski boat motors, and large, lavishly appointed craft that put even our own homes to shame. Were we jealous? You better be believe it. But more than jealous, we were excited by the energy we experienced surrounding the electrification of marine. Boaters are ready, willing, and wanting the benefits of EV, and we’re fired up to deliver on those expectations.

Until then, we’ll be further perfecting our Genesis line of complete electric propulsion systems, and working on getting fit and tan like the Miami locals for next year’s boat show. A little bit of innovation and a lot fewer carbs can go a long way. Keep following along and be sure to come find us at our next show.

Who know’s where we’ll pop up next!