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Starting In Space, Now Down To Earth. Electric Propulsion Systems Are Taking Over

Remember The Jetsons cartoon series? It can still be found on streaming services today. It was a highly popular and comical look at life in 2062. George and Judy Jetson represented the typical family of that era. They enjoyed a large number of improbable products and technologies. Pure fantasy when the series first aired in […]

Understanding How EV Motors Work

As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain traction in the automotive and overall mobility industries, understanding the basics of EV motors becomes increasingly important. EV motors lie at the heart of electric propulsion systems, making them one of the most pivotal components to understand. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll embark on a journey to demystify […]

Electric Powertrains: An Efficient, High-performance Alternative to Internal Combustion

The automotive industry is experiencing a major transition as electric powertrains increasingly displace traditional internal combustion engines. Driven by pressing environmental concerns, government regulation, and a broadening understanding of their performance advantages, electric powertrains represent a highly compelling solution for those looking to power on-road, off-road, marine, and aerospace vehicles both today and well into […]

The Future of Boating: Hypercraft Electric Boat Propulsion Systems

In the world of boating, performance takes center stage, propelling the growing need for an electric propulsion system. For forward-thinking OEM boat builders, embracing electric boats isn’t just a trend; it’s taking a strategic leap to stay ahead and meet the rising demand for high-performance boat alternatives. Selecting the right electric boat propulsion system is […]

Hypercraft Appoints New President

Hypercraft, an electric powertrain manufacturing and engineering company with operations in California and Utah, has appointed former Maersk executive Brian Bowers as president. Bowers, who has more than 24 years of business development experience, will support the growth and demand from global OEMs and the aftermarket, the company said, while working closely with co-founder and […]

A Big Presence at the Biggest Show

Hypercraft Display SEMA

You’ve either dreamed of attending, or lost sleep preparing to.  Either way, SEMA Show has been, and always will be, the place to be if you’re into automotive performance and aftermarket accessories. This year was Hypercraft’s third year attending what could be considered the world’s largest and coolest car show, and it was truly our […]

Jake Hawksworth, CEO of Hypercraft, unveils exciting new powertrain options

EV Powertrain

Watch Jake Hawksworth, CEO of Hypercraft, as he introduces a remarkable range of new powertrain options at SEMA 2023. Hypercraft manufactures and engineers 18 complete and fully configurable electric powertrain systems for the Racing, Street, Commercial, Marine and Defense industries. SEMA 2023 is in full swing, and we invite you to come and explore our […]

Hypercraft is proud to be a member of the EVTEC board

EV Car Charging

As a leading player in the EV industry, Hypercraft has always been committed to education and establishing EV standards, which are vital for the industry’s growth. To achieve our objectives, we’ve partnered with other like-minded EV companies.   Currently, Hypercraft is proud to be a member of the EVTEC board, comprising executives and educators from […]

KSL names Hypercraft “One of Utah’s great companies”


We’re honored to be featured by KSL News as one of Utah’s great companies. As a partner of 47G (formally Utah Aerospace & Defense Association) we’re excited to support them and the state of Utah in building America’s Deep Tech Frontier. “The nation’s current geostrategic situation demands more from American industry. As the voice of Utah’s aerospace, […]

Hypercraft to unveil new, precision-engineered electric powertrains and EV products at SEMA 2023


Provo, Utah – October 24, 2023 – Hypercraft, a pioneering electric vehicle powertrain manufacturing and engineering company at the forefront of the global EV industry, announced today it will unveil, 18 complete and fully configurable electric powertrain systems for the Racing, Street, Commercial, Marine and Defense industries at SEMA EV and Future Propulsion Show in […]