BC Customs

A military-grade EV that goes anywhere. 

Although it would look right at home playing on the Poison Spider Mesa trail in Moab, UT, the BC Customs SXV is a military-spec off-roader purpose built from the ground up for use by the defense industry. BC Customs partnered with Hypercraft to integrate an EV drive system along with the existing Cummins 4-cylinder diesel motor. To do this, an axial flux electric motor was installed, allowing the vehicle to run in either full diesel or full electric mode. This enables operators to choose between modes when covering long distances or needing to travel in near-silence.

Powered by the Hypercraft D250S powertrain

Introducing the D250S: Precision-engineered single motor powertrain suited for on-road, off-road, and marine applications that require minimal mass.

The highly durable D250S is at the head of a dependable system created for rugged, unforgiving conditions – a system ready to take on the challenge of the unknown with stealth and force.

268 hp

(402 eHP)
(200 kW)


93 hp

(139 eHP)
(70 kW)


790 Nm


400 Nm


12000 rpm



  • Purpose-built design with a lower-speed, high-torque motor with leading torque and power densities
  • VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) with pre-calibrated firmware
  • Base torque maps and throttle maps for quick start
  • Engineered thermal management system for optimal motor performance
  • Hose and fitting kit included
  • Engineered high-voltage powertrain harness included
  • Compatible with 400V battery pack systems
  • CAD available


• VCU with 3 CAN Buses, 1 LIN Bus, 33 Inputs, 24 Outputs
• 400V System
• System Weight: 95.7 lbs (43.4 kg)
• Cooling System: WEG

*Total system weight is dependent on ESS selection and options