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Starting In Space, Now Down To Earth. Electric Propulsion Systems Are Taking Over

Remember The Jetsons cartoon series? It can still be found on streaming services today. It was a highly popular and comical look at life in 2062. George and Judy Jetson represented the typical family of that era. They enjoyed a large number of improbable products and technologies. Pure fantasy when the series first aired in […]

An Evolution from ICE to EV | Electrify Podcast ft. Kirk Miller

Jarod DeAnda of Electrify Podcast caught up with Kirk Miller to discuss his impressive background in the automotive industry and motorsports, and his exciting transition to Hypercraft. Moving from traditional internal combustion engines (ICE), Kirk is now leading the charge in advanced propulsion technology. He highlights Hypercraft’s mission to simplify and make electric vehicle (EV) […]

Hypercraft CEO, Jake Hawksworth, recently attended the 2024 Abu Dhabi Family Office Summit

Hypercraft CEO, Jake Hawksworth, recently attended the 2024 Abu Dhabi Family Office Summit in the Middle East as a panelist speaker. This was a very exciting event, because the ADFO Summit is a leading event for the global investment community, offering a platform for family offices, investment institutions, and startup founders to connect, share insights, and […]

Understanding How EV Motors Work

As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain traction in the automotive and overall mobility industries, understanding the basics of EV motors becomes increasingly important. EV motors lie at the heart of electric propulsion systems, making them one of the most pivotal components to understand. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll embark on a journey to demystify […]

Powering the Future of Boating with HALEVAI

We’re incredibly excited to be collaborating with HALEVAI on their innovative and eco-friendly Model2050 electric trimaran. This partnership and project perfectly align with our mission to revolutionize electric propulsion by making it accessible to innovative builders and manufacturers.    A Visionary PartnershipWhen HALEVAI CEO Frank Heidinger shared their vision for a unique kind of electric […]

Electric Powertrains: An Efficient, High-performance Alternative to Internal Combustion

The automotive industry is experiencing a major transition as electric powertrains increasingly displace traditional internal combustion engines. Driven by pressing environmental concerns, government regulation, and a broadening understanding of their performance advantages, electric powertrains represent a highly compelling solution for those looking to power on-road, off-road, marine, and aerospace vehicles both today and well into […]

The Future of Boating: Hypercraft Electric Boat Propulsion Systems

In the world of boating, performance takes center stage, propelling the growing need for an electric propulsion system. For forward-thinking OEM boat builders, embracing electric boats isn’t just a trend; it’s taking a strategic leap to stay ahead and meet the rising demand for high-performance boat alternatives. Selecting the right electric boat propulsion system is […]

Munro Live Podcast | Jake Hawksworth – Founder and CEO of Hypercraft

We had a great time talking with Kevin Harty of the Monroe Live Podcast about where Hypercraft came from and where we’re going. Listen in for a deep dive with our CEO Jake Hawksworth about Hypercraft’s products, solutions, partnerships, and rapidly evolving innovations that are helping define the EV industry. Listen in! 

Two Guys Garage Podcast

While in Hammertown for King of the Hammers, Hypercraft CEO Jake Hawksworth and VP of Direct Components, Kirk Miller met up with Kevin and Willie of Two Guys Garage for another episode of their awesome podcast. They talk about performance, tuning, innovation, auditory satisfaction (or the lack thereof), turbos, and more…all in the same episode! […]

Nitrocross to debut new Sierra Echo R-Spec car Powered by Hypercraft in Las Vegas season finale

Created by Travis Pastrana, Nitrocross debuted in 2021 with a five-round schedule that saw Pastrana emerge as champion of the premiere Supercar class. He won two events and finished sixth or better each round. “Sierra Car is the perfect storm of electrified performance in a race-proven chassis,” said Kirk Miller, VP of sales and marketing […]