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Bundling motor, battery, electronics, and software, Hypercraft is the first to offer fully engineered electric powertrains for today’s e-mobility demands and tomorrow’s wildest creations.

From one-off EV projects to scaled commercial production, we’ve got complete electric power units to get you going.



We’re as driven by the future as we are by the gasoline-fueled past that brought us here.

We’re industry professionals obsessed with performance — and experience tells us that electric propulsion is now the performance king. We want its power, durability, ease of maintenance, and tunability available to everyone, in any platform or industry.

EV Build System

All the parts. All the engineering. None of the integration headaches.

Complete, configurable,
EV drive systems.

Hypercraft EV drive systems bundle battery(ies), electric motor(s), programming, wiring, and a user interface display into a single durable package — creating a complete system that takes the guess-work out of integrating electric propulsion.

EV Drive

What makes electric better.

It’s not a conspiracy and it’s no longer a secret — electric propulsion is superior to fossil fuels.

Here are the key advantages to electric over gas.

Instant Torque

Once you’ve experienced the instant torque of an electric vehicle, you’re forever changed. No delay, no lag, just neck-snapping performance from the moment you hit the throttle.

Digital Tunability

No carbs to tune, turbos to upsize, or ECUs to remap. Just flip the switch on your selected level of electric performance and enjoy the ride.

Easy Maintenance

With no fuel to spill, oil to change, or plugs to gap, electric vehicles offer a simplified experience across the board for both initial setup, and long-term maintenance.

Durable Simplicity

By eliminating all the interdependent components of internal combustion, electric vehicles make it easier for you to focus on the parts of the project — and performance — that get you up in the morning.


Powered by Hypercraft®

With Hypercraft, the only limitation is a lack of imagination. Here are a few examples of vehicles running our complete EV drive systems.

Hypercraft Car

Sierra Cars

The industry’s fastest, single-seat, center-cockpit high-performance recreation vehicle now has a modern electric power unit option to launch its agile, driver-focused experience well into the future.

Scalar Performance

The Scalar Performance SCR1 is the first all-electric amateur touring race car. With a bespoke powertrain designed for the rigors of racing, it is the first club racing electric vehicle approved by the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) for touring car road racing.

American Airboat Corp

American Airboat Corp.

Together with one of North America’s foremost airboat manufacturers, we’re creating the world’s first high-output EV airboat — supercharged V8 power, but with all the benefits of electric propulsion.

BC Customs

The BC Customs UTV is designed for military use that’s easily loaded and air droppable from a V-22 Osprey. Powered by Hypercraft.

Hypercraft Racing

Follow our desert racing journey as we set out to prove that our turn-key electric drive systems are ready for primetime.


They don’t just believe in us,
they believe EV is the future.

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